Personal training at Urban Edge is for people who want to be fitter and healthier but who don’t want to feel like they’re being punished for having enjoyed themselves a bit too much.

Our head trainer, Victoria Foster, gave up a career in IT to become a personal trainer because she saw first hand the positive difference a good personal trainer can make.

At Urban Edge, you’re not working out with someone who’s never looked twice at a square of chocolate or who doesn’t know how one beer can lead to six. Victoria herself lost 30kgs when a change in circumstances caused her to rethink her own health and fitness. She went from being overweight to competing in bodybuilding championships.

Whatever your goals, we understand:

  1. How it can feel at first like getting fitter is more about sacrifice than benefit
  2. How to make a plan that incorporates some fun into a healthier overall lifestyle

If you’re looking to be shouted at by a wannabe drill instructor, this isn’t the program for you. But if you’re looking for a tailored program and a supportive environment in which to meet your individual health goals, you’ll love personal training at Urban Edge.

And yes, we have martial arts classes at the gym, but our personal training isn’t based on martial arts. It’s based on a combination of dietary advice and exercises tailored to your abilities and what you’re looking to achieve. You won’t be working out in a gi and the only belt you’ll need is a smaller one when you’ve lost the weight.


Where do you train?

You can train at Urban Edge in Rozelle or we’ll come to you if you’re in the Inner West. We can train at your place or in a nearby park.

Will you help me with my diet?

Yes. What you eat (and how much you eat) are critical to your results. We will give you nutritional goals, ask you to keep a food diary, and review that diary with you weekly.


What people say about us


"You never know whether a martial arts gym is going to be friendly or a blood sports gym. Urban Edge is the friendly kind but with a sense of healthy competition."

"It's great -- fitness with a bit more of a mental challenge."

"I came to learn martial arts and it ended up being a place I could just hang out."

"These guys are like my family."

Contact Info


57 Victoria Road, Rozelle, NSW 2039
T: 0438 282 502



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