Everyone experiences stress — even pre-school children — but pre-schoolers are only just starting to develop their coping skills. How well they do that will make a difference at primary school and for the rest of their lives.

Kids' yoga classes in Rozelle

Being mindful is a lot of fun!

Yoga sets up even the youngest children with inner resilience and coping skills. And they love it.

Your kids get to learn new skills and explore their physical abilities while getting a head start in developing emotional regulation.

Our instructors specialise in yoga and mindfulness for children. Let us show you what they can do.



Testimonial for kids martial arts - Kris Flegg
I’ve seen the boys take what they have learnt in their classes and apply it when they are feeling frustrated or angry.
Kris Flegg, Kids yoga parent

FAQS about kids yoga classes

What ages do you teach?

Weekly yoga classes for kids

Mindfulness skills for life

We have classes for children 2-4 and 3-5.

How long are the classes?

Our kids yoga classes are half an hour.

What should my child wear?

Children should wear comfortable clothes that allow a full range of motion — sports shorts and T-shirt, for instance.

How often should my child come?

We run classes several times a week. Your fees cover one class a week, but we can make an arrangement for more frequent visits.

Can I watch?

We run kids yoga classes in Rozelle

Flexible, mindful and fun

We all know how easily distracted kids are, especially when Mum or Dad is watching, so it’s easier for the instructor and the rest of the class if parents stay in the waiting room. (Of course we understand you might want to see the first couple of classes to make sure your child is settling in.)

Can I drop off my child and pick them up after the class?

Absolutely, as long as you’re able to pick them up promptly at the end of the class.

What are the qualifications of the instructors?

Our instructors are certified in Rainbow Kids Yoga, a qualification specifically in yoga for children.

Everyone who works with children at the gym has their working with children checks. We’re happy to show you any of our certifications or paperwork.

Is there parking?

There is parking in the streets adjacent to and behind the gym, but unfortunately the carpark of the building we’re in doesn’t belong to us so it’s not possible for you to park there.




What people say about us


"You never know whether a martial arts gym is going to be friendly or a blood sports gym. Urban Edge is the friendly kind but with a sense of healthy competition."

"It's great -- fitness with a bit more of a mental challenge."

"I came to learn martial arts and it ended up being a place I could just hang out."

"These guys are like my family."

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