Whether you want to compete in kickboxing or just get fit, our professional instructors and member community welcome experienced kickboxers and beginners.

I was pretty intimidated about coming to a martial arts gym. I didn’t know whether it was going be friendly or a blood sports gym. What I found was a great group of people who believe in healthy competition. It’s fantastic.
Ben King



Kickboxing class Sydney

Our kickboxing classes combine elements of different martial arts

Looking for martial arts training?

Our kickboxing classes are a potent combination of different styles of martial arts, including elements of karate, Muay Thai and boxing.



Looking to get fit?

As you might expect when you’re combining three martial arts into one, kickboxers are some of the best-conditioned athletes around.

Kickboxing class in Rozelle

Our kickboxing classes are popular with men and women

Why should you come to kickboxing classes with us?

  1. You’ll find it hard to keep any extra weight on when you’re kickboxing (if you train often enough, you can eat what you like)
  2. Kickboxing improves co-ordination (the drills get pretty fancy as you move from beginner to intermediate and advanced)
  3. You definitely won’t be bored (your workout comes with some serious variety)
  4. Our instructors have real kickboxing skills (they’re not aerobics instructors branching out — this isn’t a boxercise class)




What people say about us


"You never know whether a martial arts gym is going to be friendly or a blood sports gym. Urban Edge is the friendly kind but with a sense of healthy competition."

"It's great -- fitness with a bit more of a mental challenge."

"I came to learn martial arts and it ended up being a place I could just hang out."

"These guys are like my family."

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T: 0438 282 502
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