People are always surprised by how quickly they make friends at Urban Edge. It’s not what you expect from Hollywood films about martial artists randomly clobbering each other between monosyllables.

Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) classes in Sydney

People take up martial arts for fitness or self-defence, but they keep it up for the friendships, the skills and the constant learning.

The community you’re joining at Urban Edge includes professional martial artists, IT consultants, bankers, marketers, and designers. And they’re all capable of polysyllabic dialogue, even the professional martial artists.



We were all beginners once

Everyone you meet at Urban Edge was a beginner. Whether the person next to you in class started martial arts last week or two decades ago, they remember what it was like to start. You will be welcomed.

Beginners martial arts classes in Sydney

Beginners are always welcome



There’s a process for beginners

Your first class is free and you’ll be assigned a mentor, who’ll introduce you around and show you the ropes. You’re not going to walk in the door and find yourself thrown in a ring with an angry kickboxer before you’ve even told anyone your name.

All our classes are mixed ability. Everybody looks out for everyone else. And nothing happens before you’re ready.

martial arts classes

You’ll always get a warm welcome at Urban Edge



What people say about us


"You never know whether a martial arts gym is going to be friendly or a blood sports gym. Urban Edge is the friendly kind but with a sense of healthy competition."

"It's great -- fitness with a bit more of a mental challenge."

"I came to learn martial arts and it ended up being a place I could just hang out."

"These guys are like my family."

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57 Victoria Road, Rozelle, NSW 2039
T: 0438 282 502



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