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Urban Edge is a martial arts gym in Rozelle for students of all abilities.

But we’re not just a gym, we’re a community. We have instructors who started here as students; we have members who bring their children for kids martial arts classes; and we have members who joined because their kids’ classes looked like so much fun.

If you’re looking for a gym where members become friends and new students are always welcome, sign up for a free class today.

Urban Edge Martial Arts Sydney
There’s no ego at Urban Edge. It’s very come and be who you are. Everyone is very accepting and willing to make friends. There’s a sense of family, which makes it a great place to get fit.
Jack Lewis, student instructor

Meet the instructor team

Eric, Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Eric, BJJ instructor “I was a timid guy who wasn’t interested in lifting weights in a gym full of egos.”

On his way home from work as an IT manager, Eric saw a small group practising takedowns through the window of a gym near his bus stop. He signed up for a class and the instructor paired him with woman called Karen.

“I told the instructor I was worried I might hurt her,” he says, “so the instructor asked her if she was okay with it. She smiled and said it was all fine. It was the longest five minutes of my life. I could barely keep up, let alone put her in any danger. I wondered, ‘If someone half my size can do this, imagine what someone my own size could do’.”

“I’m still learning.”

Floyd, Boxing
Floyd, boxing instructor, Rozelle
“I get a buzz from seeing people enjoy a session and pushing themselves.”

“People think they’re going to be embarrassed when they start a martial art,” says Floyd, “but it isn’t true. Everyone in the class was once a beginner.”

Floyd’s philosophy is that you’ll realise there’s nothing to fear once you try it. And you’ll keep fit, stay healthy and enjoy the variety that marital arts gives.

“The thing about martial arts is that you’re always learning, whatever your level.”

Fredy, Kickboxing

Fredy, kickboxing instructor, Rozelle martial arts gym“Kickboxing has taught me respect, humbleness and determination.”

Kickboxing is a much better stress reliever than lifting weights in front of the mirror, says Fredy.

“My favourite part of instructing  is seeing someone else fall in love with martial arts the way that I have and knowing all the benefits they’re going to have from something that is so much more than just a workout.”

Fredy works hard to create a welcoming atmosphere for new students.

“No one should be intimidated about starting a martial art or embarrassed because they think there’s some standard they should already be at,” says Fredy. “We set realistic expectations and goals, so everyone has fun and makes progress.”

Jack, Rock & Water instructor
Martial arts instructor

“I want the kids to feel confident and empowered. And to have fun.”

Jack joined the Urban Edge community as a teenager to practise Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. He started helping with our kids’ martial arts classes because he wanted to pass on the rewards he’d experienced himself.

“I got a lot fitter, I felt more balanced, and I got more physically confident. Plus it’s fun,” says Jack.

Jack has travelled to Thailand for intensive training towards his martial arts goals, which are to get his black belt in BJJ, be a “tornado in kickboxing”, and fight in MMA.

Jesse, Owner and chief instructor
jesse“Martial arts will challenge your mind, body and soul in a way that other activities can’t.”

Jesse started boxing in his late teens for self-defence. That led him to kickboxing, BJJ and the discovery that every true martial artist makes: the benefits are life-changing—confidence, fitness, strength, weight-loss and community.

“I started Urban Edge to build a community of like-minded people searching for this amazing reward,” says Jesse. “We’ve become a team. We train together; we go out together, and we’re welcoming new people all the time. People are making life-long friendships at Urban Edge.”

“If you’ve got arms, legs and an open mind, you can practise martial arts.”

Stef, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

“BJJ is for everyone.”

Stef liked Urban Edge’s family atmosphere so much that he joined the training staff. “Not only did I lose some unwanted weight, being under constant pressure in BJJ and kickboxing helped me deal with other aspects of my life.”

“Training people gives me the pleasure of seeing them enjoy themselves and gain confidence,” Stef says.

Victoria, Personal training
Personal trainer

“I want to empower people with a new mindset.”

Victoria lost 30 kilos through gradual lifestyle and diet changes. “I slept better, I had more energy, I was more productive, my moods improved and so did my relationships with others and myself.”

Her own experiences inspired Victoria to get qualified and start helping other people get the same renewed lease on life.

Today, she shows her clients how to make nutritional changes and use strength-based circuits, progressive overload and high-intensity interval training to reclaim energy levels they thought they’d never have again.


What people say about us


"You never know whether a martial arts gym is going to be friendly or a blood sports gym. Urban Edge is the friendly kind but with a sense of healthy competition."

"It's great -- fitness with a bit more of a mental challenge."

"I came to learn martial arts and it ended up being a place I could just hang out."

"These guys are like my family."

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